This body of work is based on my continued fascination with our connection to the ocean, water and the fluidity of time. 

While the visual elements in the work refer directly or indirectly to the ocean and water, the slow nature of the work references time and history as it reflects the human spirit in the context of our affinity for water.  


 …between… is were we find ourselves, even where we “start” from. In medias res, as the Latin poets said: already “in the midst of things’. Already between. This exhibition opens a space in which to consider what lies between: relations, distances, similarities, bridges and doors. My recent work represents these themes revealing the many dimensions of the space between elements, objects, makers, moments, materials, disciplines, and between people. 


The inspiration for this body of work is the natural environment surrounding Willow Beach and pays homage to a group of individuals that made up the Willow Beach Arts Festival. It’s about belonging to a collective and working together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. The links in the work represent both the natural environment as well as the members of this collective while the single gold link in each represents the individual within it. The work is a celebration of memory, time, and place.